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Quotes from Author Stephen Todd Walker

"Riding the perfect wave in the ocean is analogous to finding the right Alternative for a portfolio and earning a handsome return. The Alternatives space is vast like an ocean and will one day eclipse both the equity and fixed income markets combined."

"One should consider all asset classes especially those they do not fully understand because that is where an investor will likely find the best opportunity going forward."

"The purpose of this book is to enable people to understand Alternatives and how one can use them to build better, more diversified portfolios (whether they are for institutional investors or for high net worth and/or retail investors). Navigating Alternatives is not easy and requires a skill set similar to that of a world class surfer riding waves in the ocean."

His latest book is an excellent read for financial services professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of alternative investments. Todd has remarkable insights on how alternative investments can be integrated into variable annuities and 401(k) plans.
-David Nanigian, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Investments | The Richard D. Irwin Graduate School